Come have FUN with us in Calgary!

World Stage Design 2022 is offering engagement opportunities for delegates and student delegates who are passionate, enthusiastic, motivated, and have an interest in theatre and performance.  World Stage Design is an extraordinary international festival that includes exhibitions, performances, workshops, and lectures by professional designers and will provide attendees and participants with an outstanding opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in theatrical design and performance.  WSD takes place every four years, and the events are attended by enthusiastic theatrical practitioners, architects, technicians, educators, students, and theatregoers from across the globe.

WSD 2022 is sure to create a brilliant delegate experience that will allow you to meet peers from around the world and participate in learning opportunities.   

All delegates will be responsible for the costs and documentation needed for their travel and stay related to WSD 2022 in Calgary, Alberta. This includes, but is not limited to, a Visa application, airfare and other transportation, accommodation expenses, travel, and medical insurance.  A recommended list of affordable accommodations including shared Campus accommodation and youth hostels will be provided.

All delegates and student delegates participating in engagement activities including networking and team building will be offered the OISTAT member rate for their registration and will receive meal vouchers.  Hybrid registration is required.

  • Student (Currently enrolled in School) OISTAT rate: $60.00 CAD + GST
  • Emerging Artist (Student between Sept 2016 – December 2021) OISTAT rate: $80.00 CAD + GST
  • Professional OISTAT rate: $100.00 CAD + GST

International delegates and student delegates must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

The full description of engagement opportunities is available below.

If you are interested in these activities for WSD 2022, please express your interest using the online registration form. Our Delegate and Student Engagement Coordinator will be in touch. We are looking forward to receiving your expression of interest!

Please check with local authorities on visa wait times as they vary by country. 

Please contact us via email if you have any questions.

Description of opportunities:

1. Exhibition Team:  Delegates and Students will assist 158 international designers in setting up and taking down their exhibitions and will collaborate in teams at the exhibition while it is open to the public.

2. Scenofest Production Team:  Delegates and Students will host international performance groups and assist production teams, learning how the performances set up and run for a live audience. This team involves a variety of performance settings from contemporary theatres, outdoor performances, puppetry, Virtual Reality performances and more!

3. Administration Team:  Delegates share information regarding wayfinding and answering questions, provide support for the lectures, workshops, and other events, and assist with archival photography. There will also be some social media marketing, such as posting on WSD pages and working as a team to promote the learning opportunities at Scenofest.

4. CITT/ICTS 2022 Rendez-vous conference and trade show: Delegates and Students will be assigned various tasks, such as setting up and tearing down the CITT/ICTS Trade Show, providing technical support at various meetings, events and sessions, helping out with hospitality, giving a hand at the information desk, and more!

Do you know more than one language? That’s a great skill to share!

Networks and teams will be assembled based on availability, skills, and interests.

Dates: August 1 to 18, 2022.

There will also be an opportunity for longer-term engagements from July 5 to August 18, 2022, or August 1 to August 25, 2022.

To express interest in the Delegate and Student Delegate Engagement Opportunities, please click here.