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Architecture Commission Tour of Martha Cohen Theatre & Arts Commons


Join us for a tour of Arts Commons, the largest performing arts centre in Western Canada.

When it opened in 1985, Arts Commons put Calgary on the map as home to one of the largest performing arts centres in North America. For over 35 years, Arts Commons has contributed to the social, economic, cultural, and intellectual life and well-being of Calgarians.

Arts Commons is home to six resident companies: Alberta Theatre Projects, Arts Commons Presents, Calgary Philharmonic, Downstage, One Yellow Rabbit, and Theatre Calgary, and approximately 200 community groups that use the facility annually.

The venues within Arts Commons are: Jack Singer Concert Hall, Max Bell Theatre, Martha Cohen Theatre, Big Secret Theatre, Motel Theatre and Engineered Air Theatre.

Cena#3 INTERSECTIONS: THREE SISTERS / Collaborative Artistic Workshop


INTERSECTIONS is a collaborative creative process open to artists from different fields of Visual Arts, Theatre Design and Performance. Inviting experimentation in creating, performing and exhibiting non-textual narratives, through integrated and interdisciplinary creative process.

Building on the experience of its previous editions – in Brazil, Wales, Scotland and the Czech Republic – at WSD2022 in Calgary, the WORKSHOP aims to share the collaborative creation process with participants and invite them to experiment with it.


As a PANEL, INTERSECTIONS will present and share the collaborative process and its outcomes with a broad audience; the panel will include in person participants of this edition, and the online participation of the artists of the previous editions.

The INTERSECTIONS workshop culminates in this 90 minute Panel Presentation and is open to WSD attendees.


  • Aby Cohen
  • Erika Schwarz

Aby Cohen

Brazilian scenographer, artistic director, exhibition designer and curator. Internationally recognized for her work in Theatre, Exhibition, Film and Live Events, with projects realized in United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Suriname, Taiwan, Japan, Brazil and Argentina. PhD in Theatre Theory and Practice, with research on the intersection between Scenography – Art Installation – Expography and Performance. Currently living and working in the UK as the Head of Postgraduate Department at Backstage Academy/ Production Park. Aby is an active collaborator member of OISTAT since 2003, participating in various projects: OISTAT/PQ Scenofest Team in 2007 (Birds` Critique) and 2011 (Digital Dramaturgies). WSD2013 Exhibition Jury, Design as Performance Curator and Programme Coordinator (Cardiff/UK). E-Scapes 2014 – OISTAT International Conference Creator and Curator (Brazil). WSD2017 Executive Member (Taipei/TW). SENA2020 Online Forum/Festival Coordinator.  Former OISTAT Vice -President 2013-2017. OISTAT President 2021-2025. PQ2011 Golden Triga awarded as designer and curator of Brazil`s National Exhibition. PQ2015 International curator of SharedSpace / Politics. PQ2019 Brazil`s National Curator. Co-founder of CenografiaBrasil in 2001. Founder of PQBrasil Platform, in 2017.

Erika Schwarz

Brazilian set and costume designer, working for theater, dance and audiovisual for more than 10 years. Master in Performing Arts by UNIRIO, graduated by the Foundation Program of the School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage, and PhD in Visual Arts from UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Since 2020 works as Lecturer in set and costume design at the Institute of Arts of UNICAMP, Sao Paulo, Brazil, where also coordinates cultural activities for the student support service. Erika has been developing her own artistic research on performative, wearable, objects and masking actions at the intersection of performing and visual arts. Participated in the Prague Quadrennial (2019; 2015; 2011; 2007), Critical Costume (2015; 2013), World Stage Design (2011), among other events. 



L U M I N A L LAB explores new ways of working with light in a performative space. It focuses on how coloured light affects the perception and experience of the spectator. Is it scientifically clear how light works on the (sub)conscious mind of the spectator and is it possible to go beyond the subjective ‘feeling’ of colour?

Within the framework of a PhD in the arts, a two-pronged approach is being pursued: on the one hand, the research attempts to scientifically clarify how coloured light affects the perception process and what this effect entails within a performative setting. On the other hand, the artistic approach aims to create an immersive installation that functions both as a laboratory and as an experiential space for the intended spectators.

This installation is called luminal lab. The name is a play on words between lumen and liminality and is exactly that; a play of light that reflects on the very specific nature of light itself. Liminality, because it operates at a crossroads between the conscious and the unconscious, between science and art, but above all, because it draws the viewer’s attention to the change of colours and their intensity.


Caroline Mathieu :: L I G H T matters / RITCS / VUB


Caroline Mathieu

Caroline Mathieu

Caroline Mathieu is active as a designer for theatre creations. Her roles are diverse: lighting designer, scenographer, performer, and researcher. After an education in product development and a master’s degree in theatre studies, design and theatre came together in the part-time art course in Scenography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. After her studies, she started as an assistant light design for the performance “It’s going to get worse and worse, my friend” by Voetvolk | Lisbeth Gruwez. Since then, she has worked as a freelance lighting designer for, among others, Mercedes Dassy, Tom Adjibi, Igor Shyshko, Tale Dolven, Dan Musset, Laurent Delom de Mézerac, Alexander Vantournhout, Moya Michael, and Helena Dietrich. Parallel to her career as a lighting designer, she worked as a performer in interactive theatre projects. The combination of these experiences convinced her of the power that light holds and motivated her to investigate more deeply the influence of light on perception and experience within a performative setting. In 2020, the research found a framework within the Brussels Arts Platform (BE) in the form of a PhD in the arts (VUB/RITCS).

MISTURA: A Magic Door


“MISTURA” is a Magic Door into an imagined space. Composed of reusable, found, recycled and/or recyclable materials and using imaginative and interesting lighting techniques that require very little (if any) electricity and sound that relies primarily on foley techniques, it is a place of discovery: interactive, immersive, manipulable, flexible, sculptural, and transformable by anyone who uses it . Come play with us in our “Do It Yourself” scenic, lighting, and sound workshops. Join us in telling a story in a space that is limited only by your imagination!


  • Ellen Doyle Mizener
  • Soledad Sanchez Valdez
  • Joe Pino
  • Psyche Chui
  • Chai
  • Ko Man Kit
  • Wong Fai
  • Amy Chan

Ellen Doyle Mizener

Ellen Doyle Mizener is a free-lance scenic and costume designer with credits in theatre, ballet, and opera both nationally and internationally. She is also a production designer for film and an educator with more than thirty years of experience. She co-designed the United States National Exhibit for the Prague Quadrennial in 2019. She holds an MFA in Theatre and is surviving the pandemic by reacquainting herself with the paint, canvases, and easels that also inhabit her studio.

Soledad Sanchez Valdez Peru

Visual artist, scenic designer, and educator. Assistant Professor of Scenic Design at the University of Alabama, USA. Her works explore the intersection of space, perception, and language. Recent scenic designs include “The Colored Museum”, and “Measure for Measure”. Soledad enjoys working with young artist-designers in a learning environment of mutual growth. Her last research project Federico Garcia Lorca’s Bodas de Sangre is an interdisciplinary collaboration of movement, projections, and light.

Joe Pino

Joe Pino has designed sound for theater for over forty years. He has curated numerous international sound design exhibits and performances at the Prague Quadrennial and World Stage Design. Joe was the chair of the OISTAT Sound Design sub commission from 2013-2021 and is a member of Theater Sound Designers and Composers Association and the Association of Sound Designers. He is a professor at Carnegie Mellon University.

Psyche Chui

Psyche Chui is a senior lecturer in theater lighting design at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. She has been a professional lighting designer and theater educator for over 31years. Psyche has designed lighting for every major professional theater and dance company in Hong Kong and for performing companies internationally. Psyche is curator and Founder of the “Chinese Puppetry in Hong Kong” project which explores innovative ways of presenting Chinese Puppetry based on traditional practices.


chai is a multimedia artist from NYC. He is a passionate organizer, crafter, inventor, rock climber, lover of objects, sound designer, sculptor, dancer, poet, puzzler, unicyclist, activist, hand-sewist, and a bunch of other things (new hobby recommendations accepted). They are living happily as a jack-of-all-trades. Currently, she is working on putting together a puppet show called y&, a story about dreams coming true. She is honored to be a part of this year’s WSD.

KO Man Kit

KO Man Kit graduated from the Computer Science Department at City University of Hong Kong. He taught in the Department of Entertainment Design and Technology of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. He is also consultant to different art organizations providing technical advice for everything from interactive events to cloud based system development. He is currently teaching at Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) Tuen Mun campus in area Theatre interactive, Motion Capture and Cloud computing technologies.

Wong Fai

Wong Fai, Chinese Puppetry Master, is presently the director of Hong Kong Puppet and Shadow Art Center. He was apprenticed to famous puppet masters including: Li Yi Quan (glove puppet), Tan De Gui (Shadow Puppet) and Huang Yi Que (string puppet). He is invited by international puppet festivals to perform and conduct puppetry workshops. He was awarded “Person with Outstanding Contributions to the Development of Arts and Culture” by The Secretary for Home Affairs Commendation Scheme.

Amy Chan

Amy Chan is a light and theater artist. She holds an MFA (with distinction) from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in lighting design under the mentorship of Ms. Psyche Chui. Her works explore the musicality, performativity and theatricality of light in performance and installation, with recent works including light installation-performances “Things That Talk” and “Inter-Face”. She also collaborates with artists of different abilities such as people with Down syndrome in various community art projects.



How is the extinction of urban green spaces perceived around the world? Can we do something as a community to take responsibility and get involved?

PROYECTO TEJIDOS is a site-specific method for artistic-social-intervention, that seeks to turn urban green spaces into “inclusive meeting places” to foster global community reflection and restoration.

The Calgary process began in June with a workshop, where a group of artists-students created collectively three “ecoscenographic participatory actions”: Urban-knitting, Neighbourhood-wayfarer, and More-than-human Memorial-atlas. During WSD2022 containR will contain these actions, where stories and experiences from diverse green spaces and their inhabitants around the world will be knitted.


How is the extinction of urban green spaces perceived around the world?

Can we do something as a community to stop it?

How do we all take responsibility? How do we get involved?

Be part of this site-specific process, which proposes three participatory ecoscenographic actions, carried out with and for the community.

Are green urban spaces important? Chat with us while knitting with your hands disused clothes into small mats that will be part of a collective-progressive installation. TRAVEL through the visual traces, FEEL the thread’s texture, PERCEIVE the temperature of the space and SMELL the odours of the city.

As a part of this action, the following questions are going to be discussed:

  • Are green urban spaces important?
  • Who inhabits them?
  • Are memories and traces erased by the inertia of the big cities?

These discussions will take place:
August 12th: 12:00 & 13:00
August 13th: 16:30 & 17:30
August 14th: 17:30 & 18:30

Which kind of living beings are part of these environments? READ the QRcode, PREPARE your headphones, LISTEN to the audio guide and REVEAL, by walking, the stories of non-human beings that inhabit diverse green spaces around the world.

Are urban green spaces and their inhabitants erased by the inertia of the big cities? FOLLOW the map, INTERACT with the micro landscapes route, CONNECT with the testimony of the absences around the space, and PROJECT other possibilities of inhabiting, interacting, and coexisting as human beings with the otherness in urban green spaces.

Experience these actions of resistance to regenerate the community fabric and cope with social-environmental problems that are happening in different territories.




  • Aris Pretelin-Estéves. Original Idea & Artistic Director.
  • Pamela Eliecer. Original Idea & General Production
  • Ana Hernández. General Assistant
  • Isabel Yáñez. General Assistant

Special collaboration: Olga De Santiago and Jimena Vega 

Special thanks to PROYECTO TEJIDOS, Calgary WSD community, that knitted with us from August 8th to 14th of 2022 at ContainR Site, Calgary: Reer, James, Morgan, Sydney, Qi Xuan, Clara, Lauren, Charlotte, Aiwad, Regan, Katelyn, Christina, Jerry, Graeme, Sabrena, Anna, Johnny, Marianne, Julie, Mona, Xiao Ting, Tanja, Ingvill, Karolína, Beth, Ping, Wei-Ping, Galen, Rebecca, Angela, Samantha, Natálie, Eden. 

Aris Pretelin-Estéves

Aris Pretelin-Estéves holds a BA in Scenography and MA in Stage Direction from the National School of Theatrical Arts, Mexico. Founding member and artistic director of LasRedRaincoats.LAB. She has explored scenographic intervention in alternative spaces since 2008. Professor of the College of Dramatic Literature and Theater, UNAM. She participated in Prague Quadrennial 2015 and 2019. Finalist of the World Stage Design 2017.

Pamela Eliecer

Pamela Eliecer holds a BA in Acting from the National School of Theatrical Arts, Mexico. Founding member and manager of LasRedRaincoats.LAB. As a performer and producer of PROYECTO TEJIDOS, she has participated in Prague Quadrennial 2019 and Community Cultural Collectives Program CDMX, 2019-2021. Since 2016, he coordinates the Theater Group of the National School of Social Work, UNAM in which she explores the possibilities of scenic art as a means of social transformation.

Ana Hernández

Mexican designer. Graduated in 2022 from the College of Dramatic Literature and Theater, UNAM. She has been Aris Pretelin’s assistant in Design and Production classes at UNAM since 2020, and since 2021 she has collaborated in PROYECTO TEJIDOS  by Las Red Raincoats.LAB as scenographic assistant and workshop facilitator. Recently, she started assisting the scenographer, Mónica Raya.

Isabel Yáñez

Mexican theater student and writer from the College of Dramatic Literature and Theater, UNAM. Has worked on the production, direction, and technical assistance in diverse plays since 2019. Since 2019, she has collaborated in PROYECTO TEJIDOS as a production assistant and workshop facilitator. She has been Aris Pretelin’s assistant in Design and Production classes at UNAM since 2020. Recently, she became a member of the Encounters Delegation form by the Ingmar Bergman Cathedra, UNAM.