World Stage Design 2022 has the goal of making our conference accessible to all those who attend. We strive to make our conference one that anyone can participate in despite their level of ability.

The following are the current accommodations that we have in place:

1. All digital events will include auto-generated subtitles that audience members will have the ability to turn on.

2. With the exception of excursions and some outdoor activities, events for WSD are wheelchair accessible. Where an event is not wheelchair accessible or has limited accessibility, it will be indicated in the event description. Please inquire with our Accessibility Coordinator (information below) if you have any questions.

3. Audience warnings are included in the event descriptions and will be posted at the venue.

4. The performance What Happened to You? will have ASL interpretation.

If you or anyone you know is coming to the conference and require access that is not included in the list above please contact our Accessibility Coordinator, Cassie Holmes (, so that she can assist you.

We look forward to everyone coming and having access to World Stage Design 2022.