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Jean Teillet – WSD 2022 Living Legends


Take a tour through the stories of the Indigenous peoples of Canada, the Métis Nation. Hear how they changed the course of Canadian history when they forced Canada to negotiate how 2/3 of the country entered confederation. The presentation will be a highly visual experience accompanied by stories and music. Hear and watch this fascinating history – learn about the scandals, the wars, the wild west, the whiskey trade, the buffalo hunters and even the mosquitoes. Designers can learn about how the Métis Nation, the Indigenous nation that lives between two cultures, has modified tools, transportation and art to support a mobile lifestyle it has never abandoned.


Jean Teillet

Jean Teillet, IPC, OMN, MSC, (BFA, LLB, LLM)

Ms. Teillet is an author, women’s rights advocate and an Indigenous rights lawyer. She has appeared at the Supreme Court of Canada twelve times in Indigenous rights cases. Ms. Teillet’s popular history, The North-West is Our Mother: The Story of Louis Riel’s People, the Métis Nation was one of the Globe & Mail’s top 100 books of 2019 and won the Carol Shield’s and Manitoba Day awards. She is the author of Métis Law in Canada and has written for academic journals, the Globe & Mail and Macleans. A frequent public speaker throughout Canada and internationally, Jean has been awarded the highest honour of her people, the Order of the Métis Nation. The Indigenous Bar Association has awarded Jean it’s highest honour, Indigenous Peoples Counsel. She has three honorary doctorates (University of Guelph, Windsor University and Law Society of Ontario). In recognition of decades of work with midwives, Jean has been made an honorary lifetime member of the Association of Ontario Midwives. She is a member of the Manitoba Metis Federation and is the great grandniece of Louis Riel.

The Toledo Panorama, A Symphony in Colour and Sound – Pamela Howard – WSD 2022 Living Legends


This Promenade Concert is part of WSD 2022 Living Legends Activities.

Pamela Howard has designed this devised artwork workshop for emerging designers and student participants; inspired by El Greco’s painting “The Plan and View of Toledo’ and writings from the period through today. The artwork will explore ‘the universality of displacement’, looking at immigration/refugees and how art gives the dispossessed the ability to triumph over their personal circumstances.

Known for her playful drawing techniques, Pamela will mentor students who will work in teams of two to apply her methods of image creation that synchronize colour, sound and word. Participants will paint, sketch and collage one section of a two metre high by sixty metre long assemblage diorama that will provide a continuous narrative about immigration, identity, events, and ancestry. Each team will be responsible for building an image that illustrates a part of the story, but they must also address transitions from the panels before and after, requiring highly collaborative skills. Simultaneously, a small group of musicians will be rehearsing a musical score that will integrate with the visual storytelling.

The final presentation of the Toledo Panorama will be before an audience, presented as a Promenade Concert.


Pamela Howard

Pamela Howard OBE

Pamela Howard OBE is a practicing director, scenographer, curator, educator and writer. Her  book What is Scenography? is now in 7 languages, 3rd edition, published  in 2019. Her most recent works include the creation of the original  Sing-Spiel, Charlotte –a Tri-Coloured Play with Music,  (Canada and Hong  Kong), a Public Arts Commission from Arts Dream Selsey to create a large scale Mural Out of the Ashes and an original music theatre Sing-Spiel, The Ballad of the Cosmo Café in the Insiders/Outsiders  Festival.  International Chair in Drama Royal Welsh College of Music and  Drama, Visiting Professor Arts University Bournemouth, Professor  Emeritus University of the Arts London, Honorary Fellow Hong Kong  Academy of Performing Arts. Most importantly, she was the creator of  Scenofest, which is embedded in both World Stage Design and the Prague Quadrennial.

Portrait drawn by Heather Bowing

Jean-Guy Lecat – WSD 2022 Living Legends


Over the last two years, theatre artists have endured the pandemic while most of the theatres and operas were closed. Theatres produced some work digitally on the internet and others offered old productions from their filmed archive through their local networks. Every Sunday I saw a beautiful play made by French Comedie Francaise on the national channel.

At that point, most of the theatres closed for the first time, and many artists and technicians lost their jobs. At that time I realized that theatre in general may have reached a turning point and that its future will certainly need to be different.

The way we are creating theatre has to change for two 2 reasons: ecology and financing. Performance and the spaces they exist in need to transform. How can we reconsider the ecology and financial means of producing theatre and opera to adapt to new ways of performance creation?


Jean-Guy Lecat

Jean-Guy Lecat

Jean-Guy was the technical director, decorator and scenographer for Peter Brook at the Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord for over twenty five years. Today he continues his practice of as a freelance scenographer and theatre architecture consultant. Since the beginning of his career, he has always kept one foot in theatre and the other foot in architecture. In 2007, Lecat created his innovative Cardboard Box Theatre at PQ, his interpretation of a temporary theatre space using fiberglass filled boxes for their acoustical qualities. Because of Lecat’s 40-year experience in making over dilapidated warehouses, abandoned factories and monasteries into viable performance spaces—because of his immense body of knowledge in the uses of scenography, the history of design, the importance of good acoustics and, most significant, the relationship of actor to audience—Lecat is considered a world leader in the field of theatre and design.